[Faculty] Paul Barry

Paul Barry   

Paul’s academic background has seen him study at three universities. These include the prestigious Sydney University, as well as Newcastle University and Honk Kong Baptist University.  He was also awarded the international Colombo scholarship that saw him enter Asia, to which he further ventured into ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching and holds a CELTA given by Cambridge University. After being accepted by the British Council for IELTS examining, Paul still holds a strong interest in IELTS teaching, and as such represents his current coursework as strongly practical and future job orientated.  

Paul is currently entering his second year with FNU, and has indeed settled into campus life, citing the high level of English offered within The Foreign Language Department as a pleasure to be part of. Indeed, he has lived and worked in Chinese universities for more than eight years now, and claims that Fujian is the perfect place to stay, work and perhaps even live. His hobbies include golf, travel, film and more recently, the unusual but interesting world of aquarium aquascaping and tropical fish keeping. Overall, Paul is looking forward to this coming academic year and working closely with both his students and colleagues alike.